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Astrological Web Programs for your website

The following Astrological Web Programs are for sale.
All programs can be customized in according to your requirements.

If you wish to start your own Astrological Web Site, you can do it with us.

OM Astro Guru

OM Astro Guru

Download E book
Download E book
Download E book

SMS - Lagna,Nakatha and Nakath Pada

Email - Birth Chart Details

Birth Chart Details and Birth Chart

Birth Chart and Predictions


Chandra Lagna


Horary Astrology

Daily Predictions

Birth Chart with Transits - Now

Birth Chart with Transits - Any Date

Birth Chart with Progressions

Birth Chart with Progressions and Transits - Any Date

Birth Charts - Compatibility

Marriage Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatability

Moon Sign Compatibility

Venus Sign Compatibility


Biorhythms - Today

Biorhythms - Any Date

Biorhythms - Compatibility

Chinese Birth Year Details

Chinese Compatibility

Numerological Details

Numerological Compatibility

Kala Hora and Rahu Kala

Auspicious Times

Abhijith Muhurtha

Turf Wizard - Spot the Winner of English Turf

Lucky Days For Speculative Investment - Moon

Lucky Days For Speculative Investment - Aspects

Lucky Times For Speculative Investment - Diurnal

Short Message Service - Sri-Lanka

Electronic Mail Service



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